Cement walls exposed in these interior designs

Industrial style easy to recreate

Por Luciana Sanchez

In the continuous innovation of interior design we can create very unique spaces, styles that we would never have dared to recreate. Today we bring you an example of what can be done by being brave and crossing the boundaries of design.

We thought that cement should always be hidden, but interior designers have discovered a new style where this cement is used to give character and decorate any room. The industrial style is the one that most uses this resource, but we can see other examples. What do you think about the idea?

Innovation brings cement to decoration

Industrial and elegant style

It seems strange that maintaining the cement walls can give a touch of elegance, but with the right complements can be achieved. Observe the following image, the designers have left strips of cement, combined with other more worked and dark. Adding elements of straight and elegant lines is essential if you want to create this style with an elegant air.

It is a perfect, modern option to recreate in your apartment or house.

estilo industrial

Walls and concrete floors!

You can still go one step further and join the walls and the floor. It is a design that is recommended for the bathroom, because it has special characteristics. Although at first glance it may seem that it is not finished, the importance will be in the details.

cemento pared

Special corner

The ceiling or wall beams, and other elements of the industrial style, combine perfectly with this type of wall. It is about giving the unfinished and neglected effect. This unfinished appearance doesn’t reflect the reality of the design. Actually, they are very thoughtful and balanced designs.

diseño de interiores

For any room

This style of cement wall is for any room, this time we leave you an image of a bedroom. The lamps that show the structure, or industrial lamps, are perfect for this type of design, you can see in the image.


Sometimes the most innovative and original idea is not to finish the walls of your design, I think we have shown it.

Cement walls for industrial and modern style.

What do you think about this style? Would you use it for your house? Don’t forget to leave us a comment, we are wishing to know what you think.

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