Creative colors to decorate your bedroom

Add color to your rest

Por Luciana Sanchez

Your bedroom has to be a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Sometimes that means using light colors that give peace of mind and don’t disturb you. But there are other people who don’t care about this rule, and who want strong colors for their room. Today we bring you the bedrooms with the most creative colors, in case you prefer a strong color palette.

When painting a strong color in your room it is preferable that you do it on the wall of the headboard. This trick will put you to sleep avoiding having strong colors in sight.

Colors with character and creative for your bedroom

Dark blue, very elegant

One of the most elegant colors. You can paint a wall in dark blue, and combine it with elements in gold, white and brown. This color palette softens the strong tone of the wall, and it looks great.

An elegant but creative style that we love. Do not be afraid to add more risky elements, if the style allows you can be creative.

dormitorio colorido

Bluish green

This is a very original color, well combined can create a cheerful and colorful bedroom. We recommend adding elements of orange, red and gold tones … You will create a risky color palette, but if you dare you can recreate the Mexican style in all its splendor.

habitacion verde

Gray walls, a classic

If you are looking for another color that is not white, painting the walls of your bedroom in gray is one of the most used resources in decoration. In this case you should put all your effort in the color of the elements. If you want to gain originality you can add gold, dark and light roses … Any color that stands out on the gray background.

diseño de interiores

Vibrant yellow wall

And if you want to make a difference, and have an original bedroom, you can paint the walls yellow. It is a risky color, but it can look great with the right style. In the image that we leave you below you will be able to see it. You can add elements in navy blue, sage green and white.

The result is a bedroom with a lot of character. The last step is to fill it with plants … an incredible result!


We hope you have been able to use this article to get some inspiration. We hope you encourage a change in your bedroom.

With the right colors you can change the look of any room.

What do you think of these bedroom designs? What you liked most? Don’t forget to leave us a comment, we are wishing to know what you think.

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