The showers with the most impressive designs

You will want to have them at home!

Por Luciana Sanchez

What’s more relaxing than a good shower after a hard day’s work? The showers give us moments of peace and relaxation when we need it most. That’s why some interior designers have wanted to go further and create special designs to enjoy in those moments.

Imagination and creativity are great sources of ideas. We are going to show you some examples of the most original and unique showers.

Special designs for special moments of the day.

Among the vegetation

For lovers of nature. You can add plants, flowers and even vertical gardens to your bathroom. Imagine showering between plants and flowers, connecting with your most natural part. If the showers are relaxing, this has to be even more.

diseños únicos

Design on the tiles

If you want to play with colors and shapes, tiles are your best option. Nowadays you can find tiles of any style and design. Look at the effect they have created in the image below. Using white and black, and adding lines, you can have something as great as this. Let your imagination guide you!

duchas de diseño

Rustic showers

Do you have a rustic or rural house? This shower can go great in your home. You don’t need many materials to create a designer shower like this one. You only need cement, copper or metal elements and a suitable floor. We love it!


The most luxurious shower

And if you have enough space and money, we recommend something like that. A large structure in the middle of the bathroom, half shower and half bath. You’ll be looking forward to arriving from work to shower on something like that.


You can create in your house something as amazing as the showers that we have shown you, we are sure.

Take care of all the details of your bathroom, including the shower.

What do you think of these showers designs? What you liked most? Don’t forget to leave us a comment, we are wishing to know what you think.

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