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This is the story of something that started as an idea, a phrase that we knew was true and that prompted us to embark on this project:

“Having a nice house and according to our own style should be available to everyone”

So we start this adventure, we bring you a new concept of interior design. A new online interior decoration service, adapted to all and affordable to all pockets.

Forget about the high prices of face-to-face designers, with us the work will be more flexible. The connection will be continuous and you can save a lot of money.

Characteristics of our services

Unique designs

Unique designs created for you. You just have to tell us what style you prefer. Be honest and show your true personality. We create a special and unique environment for very little money.

Continuous connection

You are in continuous contact with the interior designer to personalize your design, we want it to be perfect !. In addition, we can make changes in the design during the process. We want you to be satisfied with the final result of the interior design ... it is our only goal!

Adapted budget

No matter your budget, we adapt to your conditions to create the best design for you. The online interior design process saves many unnecessary expenses. We look for the elements that best suit what you are looking for.

Online process

The whole process is online, giving you total flexibility. No matter where you are! (You can even be in pajamas) Without appointments or schedules, but if you prefer we can also contact by phone and even via Skype. It's up to you!

What do all our projects include?

diseño y decoracion

An attentive and friendly decoration team

This team will be in constant contact. Since we got in touch to deliver the entire final project. You will be in continuous connection with our decorators through mail, telephone or social networks. It is the best way to contrast each step and be sure that the decoration project is taking the course we want.

Recommendation and choice of all the design elements

Our decorators work with the client, and together they will decide the elements that best suit them. Color palette, ceilings, floors, furniture and decoration, textiles …

No matter which package you choose, in all the projects we select the elements that best suit your style of decoration and the client’s budget.

Order and simplification

We will go step by step, without skipping any procedure. We send you the documents of your project in an orderly manner, so that we can adjust any detail that the client wants.

Buy in one click and prices adjusted to your needs

We try to simplify your shopping experience, in a single click you can access to all the elements of the project. When all the design is finished we will send you a pdf with direct purchase buttons. Easier impossible!

And if you have any problems we will continue helping you with what you need.

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Our team


Alicia Sánchez

Engineer and passionate about fashion and interior decoration. Installed in the United Kingdom, Alicia has lived in different cities and that is transmitted in her designs.


Ana Sánchez

Graduated in business administration and management. Engaged in social networks, design and marketing.


Ben Houghton

Who has never needed a handyman? We too, Ben is ours and we can not do without his diy advice.

Enjoy the convenience of doing all the work online

Much cheaper than a conventional interior designer

Connecting with your designer to share views

We adapt to your budget